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Levels of Membership 
There are four different levels of membership in the Florence FFA
Junior FFA
Junior FFA is open to any student in the 3rd - 7th grades 
Active Membership
Active membership is open to all students in grades 8th -12th. Being an active member allows you to earn progresive degrees
Alumni FFA
Alumni FFA is open to all former active members of the FFA

Within active membership, students are able to pursue various levels of degree:
Discovery Degree      
This degree recognizes students enrolled in 7-8 grade agricultural science class making strides toward successful involvement in the FFA. Receipt of this degree is not necessary in order to obtain the Greenhand FFA Degree. This degree of active membership is awarded at the chapter level. 
Greenhand FFA Degree      
FFA members enrolled in their first year of high school credit agricultural science, that have satisfactory plans for a supervised agricultural experience (SAE) program and that have demonstrated their understanding of the history and purpose of the FFA may apply for their Greenhand Degree. This degree of active membership is awarded at the chapter level. 
Chapter FFA Degree      
Those FFA members that have received their Greenhand degree may apply for the Chapter Degree. Members must be enrolled in an agricultural science class, have completed at least two semesters in agricultural science at or above the ninth grade level, have in operation an approved SAE program, demonstrate leadership skills and be actively involved in the activities of the local FFA chapter. This degree of active membership is awarded at the chapter level. The Chapter FFA Degree is given to an FFA chapter’s top members.
State/Lone Star FFA Degree      
This is the highest degree of membership the State FFA Association can award. FFA members may apply to receive the Lone Star Degree only after they have received the Chapter degree. Those wishing to receive their Lone Star Degree must have been an active FFA member for at least two years, complete at least four semesters of agricultural science at or above the ninth grade level, maintain a supervised agricultural experience (SAE) program, invest significant time and money in their SAE, demonstrate their leadership skills and show a commitment to the FFA through involvement at the chapter level and above. This degree of active membership is awarded at the state level during the Texas FFA convention.
American FFA Degree      
This degree of active membership is awarded by the National FFA Organization and is the highest level of active membership which can be achieved within the FFA. This final step in the FFA Degree system encourages members to grow and achieve personally toward establishing yourself in an agricultural career. Members may apply for their American degree only if they have received the State FFA Degree, have graduated from high school at least twelve months prior to the national convention and meet the very high standards for the degree.

These requirements include an excellent record of involvement within the FFA, operation and maintenance of records to substantiate an outstanding supervised agricultural experience program through which a member has exhibited comprehensive planning, managerial and financial expertise, have earned and productively invested a specific amount of both time and money.

The American FFA Degree is a sign of great accomplishment among FFA members. Only a small percentage of FFA members ever earn the degree (the greatest percentage of members ever to receive the degree in one year was less than one half of one percent).


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